Update Android version (Unofficial) – Cyanogenmod (12-Lollipop 13-Marshmallow)

1. Download OpenGapps   (ARM->(android version) -> micro) on your mobile

2. Download Cynogenmod according to android version and device kernel on your mobile (e.g cm-13.0-20160304-UNOFFICIAL-serranodsdd).

3.  Boot your Samsung Galaxy device in TWRP recovery mode

  1.   Switch off your device.
  2.   Press and hold “Home + Power + Volume Up” buttons for a few seconds and as soon as you see your device’ logo on-screen, release three buttons altogether. Your device will boot into TWRP recovery.

4. Swipe to allow modification

5. Wipe data (format data)

6. Back <

7. Select Install

8. Select Storage and install CM 13/12

9. Swipe to confirm the installation

10. Wipe Cache/Dalvik

11. Now install OpenGapps

12. Wipe Cache/Dalvik

13. Reboot system




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